About Dr. Meredith Gilbert, Ph.D.
Dr. Meredith and Daisy
I am a licensed clinical psychologist, whose patient
population includes many individuals who suffer
from binge-eating, compulsive overeating,
overweight/obesity, and body image disturbance.
My mission is to treat each patient with dignity
and compassion and to collaboratively define
reasonable and attainable treatment goals with
every patient who comes to me for help.

I completed my PhD in clinical psychology in 2007,
after working for 20 years as an attorney and
family law mediator. I did my doctoral research in
clinical psychology on the causes of Binge-Eating
Disorder and since then have worked with
patients to help them heal from this and other
disorders. In addition to eating and body image
issues, I work with patients who suffer from
depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress
disorder, obsessive and compulsive disorders, as
well as those who are undergoing challenges in
relationships or life transitions.

I have a private practice in Mercer Island,
Washington, conveniently located between Seattle
and Bellevue.
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